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Why Saving Pit Bulls Should Be the First Priority of Every Rescue!
LAWSUIT Filed  Jan 2007 Against San Bernardino County for Abuses at Devore, et. al
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    What Happens When the Pound Is Full?

Top 10 Reasons Why Pitbulls
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It is estimated as many as 250,000,000 companion animals were slaughtered in American 'shelters' during the last decade. That figure is equivalent to the entire US human population in 1991.

This site is dedicated to citizens everywhere who are willing to join together for a common cause: to STOP THE KILLING of dogs and cats  and other companion animals in our municipal shelters.

Whether you are a rescuer of many, an animal caregiver of few or  simply a concerned individual, if you believe that a 'shelter' should be a safe haven for animals that leads to their eventual placement into loving, adoptive homes, then you have come to the right place. How do we accomplish our goal?

We are an advocacy group willing to do what is necessary to save the lives of millions of companion animals incarcerated in our animal control facilities who will never leave alive unless we take action.

We want our public officials to know we have sat on the sidelines long enough for them to make the right choices. Their decisions have cost the lives of thousands of our community animals. We now have to take a stand. We demand that our representatives yield to the will of their constituents. They must STOP THE KILLING NOW. Our plan covers several fronts...Read more
- BSL Legislation Passes in California!!
- Calif. Governor Signs BSL Law!
From Bashing to Embracing No-Kill
10 Reasons to Go No-Kill
Defending Breeding Prohibition Laws
- Household Pet-Limit Laws Unconstitutional
Nevada County Collects Funds for No-Kill Goals



The director of No-Kill NOW!: "I hear it over and over again. 'Doesn't a no kill shelter have to kill when all the cages are full?' This is the question most often asked.

"The objective of no-kill is to prevent filling animal pounds to capacity.  How this is accomplished encompasses everything that the no-kill movement is about.

"We can stop looking for that easy one-step solution to overpopulation. We've already had a quick-fix for the last 150 years. It has been killing.  Today our society is ready for a more sophisticated and humane response.

"No-kill requires a collaboration between


the public




pound administrators




charitable foundations


government officials


and the business community.

"No-kill is not one solution.  It is many. More
- PETA Attacks No-Kill Shelters!
- PETA Staffers Face 62 Felony Cruelty Counts
PETA Employee Arrests After Animal Killings
PETA Founder Admits Personally Killing 1K Dogs/Cats
- Sanctuary On PETA's 'Euthanasia' Position
PETA Calls for Killing All Impounded Pitbulls
- Letter to PETA - Stop Pitbull Genocide!
Furious Rescue: "PETA Pissing Up Wrong Tree!"
- Sweet T Ranch Appalled by PETA's No-Kill Position
- Australia! Yes to No-Kill   No to PETA's Killing!
New York Adopts No-Kill Plan - $15.5MM Award Helps
Boks Leaves N.Y. to Lead Los Angeles Animal Services"
Boks Spent $180K of Maricopa Shelter Funds on 'Distemper Cure'

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From Bashing to Embracing No-Kill

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The Definition of "No-Kill"   Foster Families Needed!

Please fill out this feedback form for the first No-Kill city shelter in the West!

A "no-kill" fervor is spreading across the United States like wildfire.  It is advocated by our neighbors in Canada and Mexico and has found supporters in nearly every continent on the globe. What does it mean? Can shelters really save ALL animals?  Is this the best solution?

The term raises many questions and an eager public, weary of all the killing, wants answers. 

■  The California Legislature Defines No-Kill 
The most widely accepted definition of "no-kill" in the country has been adopted by the California Legislature.  Read more.

If you can offer a temporary home to one or more dogs or cats currently scheduled to be killed at the Rancho Cucamonga Animal 'Shelter', please help! What's so great about fostering?

feels better than saving lives! Just think what an influence you can be on your children, family, neighbors and community! If we can get everyone to help, we can turn our animal pound into a place of joy and salvation! 90% of animals in city facilities are healthy, adoptable companions that had homes and were a part of families.
Impossible You Say?

No-kill facilities are operating in several cities across the country, including New York,  San Francisco and Utah.  While some pounds kill as many as 90% of the animals they capture and that owners relinquish, others are reducing their kill rates of adoptable animals to 0%!

"Some people still think it will be impossible ever to bring an end to the killing of homeless animals in this country. Among them are some of the nation’s largest, oldest, and most well-known – and well-funded – animal rights organizations and humane societies.

"They may be right. It may indeed be impossible. Then again, lots of perfectly honorable and decent people, 150 years ago, believed it would be impossible ever to bring an end to slavery, however much they disapproved of it. More

Please give the animals a voice and sign!
The Petition for a No-Kill Shelter

Note: The Rancho Cucamonga City Council responded to the wishes of its constituents and is in the process of implementing a no-kill shelter plan. The Petition below was used to influence the city officials. Perhaps such a petition might be used in your community to make a difference.

We are asking everyone interested in converting our 'catch and kill' pound into an no-kill shelter to sign our petition.  Regardless of where you live, you are welcome to sign, as long as you give your accurate residence address.

If you live in a different locale and want to start a campaign to stop the killing at your own control facility, please feel free to use any information you may find here.     

Please read the petition, then choose whether you would like to sign our petition online or print out the petition and mail it.


2) PRINT PETITION, SIGN AND MAIL -  Great selection if you can get others to sign too!

If you do not have Acrobat Reader click here



staff@nokillnow.com We CANNOT take your animals.
Sadly many want us to take their animals, even after reading this site.

We cannot. Please try www.petfinder.com and www.adoptapet.com and find rescues for guidance.

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